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Bringing the Layers Together

September 16, 2010

new work: thunder bay film experience

Thunder Bay Film Experience logo

The Thunder Bay Film Experience is an online resource for local and out-of-town film producers to find talent and locations in Thunder Bay and region. It also provides an overview of the region’s burgeoningĀ film community, including its long history and its impressive list of films currently in production. In essence a film commission, the idea was initiated by a coalition of local film producers and brought to life by Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC). eleven-seventeen was brought in to provide a website content strategy and design to satisfy the needs of a diverse film community. The design had to work within the City of Thunder Bay’s content management system, and be supported by an identity system to protect the project as it grows.

A working group was formed consisting of the CEDC and a representative spectrum of the local film community: Kelly Saxberg of Shebandowan Films and FlashFrame; Eric Weller of the Confederation College Film Production Program, CONFLIX; Jeremy Landon of Thunderpeg Creative; and Dave Clement of Catchlight Video Solutions and Thunderstone Pictures. Harnessing this group’s expertise and insight through Basecamp, we were able to produce an identity, website design, and a flexible content strategy that works within the City of Thunder Bay’s existing content management system. The site was unveiled June 25, 2010.

Thunder Bay Film Experience

Thunder Bay Film Experience Home Page

In terms of design, a principal goal was to set an evocative visual tone while demonstrating the breadth and depth of the local film community. This was achieved by making locally-sourced film and production stills the predominant visual element throughout the site.

The logo uses transparent layering as a play on the word “film” and to describe the diverse but collaborative nature of the film community in Thunder Bay. The colour palette draws from the dominant presence of natural elements in Northwestern Ontario. To ensure visual consistency as the site grows, a basic website visual identity system was also produced, one that could be extended to print if necessary.

The content of the site is arranged in a three-tier drill-down structure, with the first tier divided into four primary areas of interest: incentives, locations, production resources, and community. This allows the visitor to immediately jump to the general content subject of interest, and then find progressively more granular specifics.

Thanks to the City of Thunder Bay’s IT department for site development and generous assistance, the working group, and to the CEDC for expert management. //