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It’s not Disneyland, and it’s awesome.

September 29, 2010

things we like: nordkyn

Nordkyn logo

An idle mandate of eleven-seventeen is thinking about, identifying, and cataloging a visual ‘grammar’ of our region; the various shapes, colors, themes, and other visual details that are characteristic of Thunder Bay and the surrounding region. So, naturally, we look to other ‘northern’ areas to see how they’re expressing their identities. The new Nordkyn tourism identity by Oslo’s Neue (for the most northern point of mainland Norway) is a supreme example of how design elements can expressively reflect the character of a place. In the case of Nordkyn, it’s “Where Nature Rules.”

The logo is a great execution of a new trend in identity design – living identities; when you load the Visit Nordkyn website, the logo mark slowly shifts color and shape to reflect the current weather conditions. The logotype uses slightly eased tracking (letter spacing) of condensed letter-forms (Trade Gothic Bold Condensed #20) to reflect the vast, solid, matter-of-fact – yet harsh and strained – character of the northern climate and landscape.

Nordkyn identity application

What we like most about this identity is it’s unashamed honesty. One reviewer made the salient observation that this isolated part of Norway isn’t Florida or Disneyland, so it makes sense that they wouldn’t try to pass themselves off as your typical tourist destination. Instead, they represent – with perfect pitch – the austere and ‘exposed’ character of the place. Most people will not want to go there. But many will.

And, of course, we like that it resonates so well with our own area – like so much of what comes out of Scandinavian design and architectural firms, particularly the Norwegian ones. We’re taking notes. //

Images via Brand New