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Something NEW

September 3, 2010

new work: Northwest Employment Works

Northwest Employment Works

When the Province of Ontario unveiled its new Employment Ontario training and placement programs, many service providers needed to make some identity changes to better reflect their new mandate. Job Connect, the largest employment service provider in Northwestern Ontario, chose us to help them make this shift with a new identity and collateral, including visual identity standards.

We had a province-set deadline of four weeks to redevelop their identity and produce key materials. Meanwhile, the client was preoccupied with office renovations and infrastructure changes. Suffice it to say, certain luxuries of our usual creative process weren’t going to be available, namely low-level collaboration and time.

The client had already settled on a new name before we started our process: Northwest Employment Works, or NEW. Taking that and a number of other required considerations as our starting point, we developed several logo concepts. Prudently, the client chose the concept which retained the equity and recognition of the original identity: a slightly modified version of the original Job Connect icon paired with a new logotype and color palette.

Job Connect / NEW rebrand

We then produced promotional materials to communicate NEW’s breadth of services while keeping an eye on differentiating NEW from the two other local employment service providers. In all, we prepared business cards, postcards, rollup banners, signage, and website elements in time for the public launch on August 18. Forthcoming are stationery, various outdoor advertising, and visual identity standards.

NEW labelNEW postcardsNEW front-signageNEW signageNEW signageNEW rollup bannerNEW ribbon cuttingNEW website

Thanks to Travis Ulrich for some preliminary work on logo concepts and stationery, and to Corporate Graphics and Sencia for speedy production.