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Audible Made Visual

April 13, 2013

things we like: camerata de lausanne visual identity


Designing for musicians or musical organizations is tricky business at the best of times, and especially so for classical ensembles. How do you represent the value of something so intangible, emotionally rich, and historically charged in visual form? (more…)

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AIS Reboots Its Identity

November 7, 2012

new work: aviation intertec services identity + website redesign

Aviation Intertec Services (AIS) is a provider of aircraft maintenance software and client solutions to medium-sized carriers and fleet service companies all around the world, such as Porter Airlines. For the past decade, their focus has been on developing their flagship software suite, RAAS (Remote Aviation Access System). But now they’re turning toward their marketplace in earnest. (more…)

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thinking: a brand is not something you can design.

You may be saying to yourself: “But we hear about branding all of the time. Lots of companies do branding.”

They might think they do, but they don’t. No one company can do branding, for themselves or for anyone else.

So if branding is not a service anyone can offer, but branding is indeed something applied to a company, then who does it?

To a degree, you do. Your friends do it, and everyone else in the world for that matter, each in their own way. We do it too, not as a company but rather as individuals just like you. We certainly wouldn’t dream of billing for it, that’s for sure. Here’s why: (more…)

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things we like: nordkyn

Nordkyn logo

An idle mandate of eleven-seventeen is thinking about, identifying, and cataloging a visual ‘grammar’ of our region; the various shapes, colors, themes, and other visual details that are characteristic of Thunder Bay and the surrounding region. So, naturally, we look to other ‘northern’ areas to see how they’re expressing their identities. The new Nordkyn tourism identity by Oslo’s Neue (for the most northern point of mainland Norway) is a supreme example of how design elements can expressively reflect the character of a place. In the case of Nordkyn, it’s “Where Nature Rules.” (more…)

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Bringing the Layers Together

September 16, 2010

new work: thunder bay film experience

Thunder Bay Film Experience logo

The Thunder Bay Film Experience is an online resource for local and out-of-town film producers to find talent and locations in Thunder Bay and region. It also provides an overview of the region’s burgeoningĀ film community, including its long history and its impressive list of films currently in production. In essence a film commission, the idea was initiated by a coalition of local film producers and brought to life by Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC). eleven-seventeen was brought in to provide a website content strategy and design to satisfy the needs of a diverse film community. The design had to work within the City of Thunder Bay’s content management system, and be supported by an identity system to protect the project as it grows. (more…)

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Something NEW

September 3, 2010

new work: Northwest Employment Works

Northwest Employment Works

When the Province of Ontario unveiled its new Employment Ontario training and placement programs, many service providers needed to make some identity changes to better reflect their new mandate. Job Connect, the largest employment service provider in Northwestern Ontario, chose us to help them make this shift with a new identity and collateral, including visual identity standards. (more…)

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