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things we like / diversions: nashville’s hatch show print shop

The wood type poster style has seen a resurgence over the past few years, informing a lot of what’s popular and trendy today. But most of what we’re seeing today is done digitally; designed on computers, and produced on either offset presses or digital printers.

So it’s nice to see some of the original production method still being used (and popular), like at Nashville’s Hatch Show Print shop, which is preserving the typographic, design, and printing method that’s such a endemic part of North American communication history.

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Voting Types

September 22, 2011

things we like / diversions: elections and typography

We were pleasantly surprised by the Elections Ontario graphics for the the 2011 Provincial Election; a classic, high-contrast palette of black, white, and yellow (except for the neon orange on the Notices of Registration… certainly gets, and keeps, your attention), cute illustrations, and all type set in Gotham Rounded.

Yes, Gotham, the George Clooney of typefaces. Predictable, familiar, and so very, very handsome… friends with Obama. But it’s really popular and gets used everywhere, and so is getting a little tiresome.

But so very, very handsome. (more…)

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diversions / things we like: 8-bit and chiptunes music

For some, especially those who played video games throughout their lives, there’s nothing quite like those familiar sounds of 8-bit bikes burning out, Mario going down a warp tube or a pixelated sprite throwing a punch. These sounds, and the music that played alongside the games have been influencing musicians everywhere, finding many incorporating the blips into their electronic music. From these tones ‘8-bit’ or ‘chip-tunes’ music was born and has been developed, harnessed and growing since early video gaming and data processing. (more…)

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Happy 11-17 Day!

November 17, 2010

diversions: eleven-seventeen day

eleven-seventeen day

Seeing as it’s November 17th and our name is eleven-seventeen, it just makes sense that we should declare this World 11-17 Day in our honor!

How you choose to celebrate 11-17 day is up to you, but we recommend some of the following: (more…)

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