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AIS Reboots Its Identity

November 7, 2012

new work: aviation intertec services identity + website redesign

Aviation Intertec Services (AIS) is a provider of aircraft maintenance software and client solutions to medium-sized carriers and fleet service companies all around the world, such as Porter Airlines. For the past decade, their focus has been on developing their flagship software suite, RAAS (Remote Aviation Access System). But now they’re turning toward their marketplace in earnest.

AIS required a visual identity that reflected this revised corporate tone, one that will assure prospective clients of their professionalism, capability, relevancy, as well as their place in the context of the aircraft industry.

AIS logo: before and after

After an intensive identity discovery process, the logo was designed to strike a balance between several key aspects of who AIS is and aims to be, as well as what AIS provides and aims to provide to its range of markets: precise yet flexible; open yet stable; active yet focused. Combined with a standardized color palette and a set of design patterns, the result is a visual identity platform upon which AIS can grow, that works well across a range of media, and that strongly differentiates AIS from its competitors.

The responsive site uses one code base for all device widths, with mobile-appropriate adjustments.

The website design process ( included a number of key considerations:

  • an intensive content strategy process upfront to orient content and information architecture specifically toward the needs of their ideal clients.
  • a responsive, device-friendly (from smartphone, to tablet, to desktop) design and development methodology, with specific considerations for smaller screens such as smartphones.
  • identity-appropriate webfonts and custom icons
  • a content management system (using WordPress) to allow staff to update content, images, and carousel graphics.

In addition to the site and requisite stationery items, we helped AIS put together an array of communication tools to actively bring their new focus to the trade show floor:

  • custom trade show booth backdrop, kiosk, and roll-up banner
  • pre-show postcards
  • in-show brochures
  • case study templates
  • various promotional items

We’re excited to see the path that AIS takes from here, and are excited to have played our part in what is most certainly going to be a bright future.